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Links to the topic
  • http://www.politics.donetsk.ua/PS — List of political parties of the Donetsk region on the site "Politics and Politology"
  • http://www.partyofregions.org.ua — Site of the Party of Regions being popular in the territory of Donechchyna
  • http://www.zaedu.org.ua — Site of the block "For United Ukraine". Section "Regions" contains information about the activities of the block in regions, including the Donetsk region
  • http://www.ndp.dn.ua — Page of the Donetsk organization of PDP: news, documents, leaders, ideas
  • http://www.greenparty.dn.ua — Donetsk regional organization of the Green Party of Ukraine
  • http://www.yabluko.donetsk.ua — Donetsk regional organization of the party "Yabluko"
  • http://www.politic.donetsk.ua — Politics and Politology
  • http://www.iatp.donetsk.ua/~ntsh — Scientific Association named after T.G. Shevchenko
  • http://geocities.com/una_donetsk — Site of the Donetsk organization UNA-UNSO
  • http://www.mrd.org.ua — Site of the Donetsk regional youth organization "Movement of Youth of Donechchyna"
  • http://fppr.org.ua — Site of the Forum of support of progressive reforms
  • http://gold.skif.net — Charitable Fund of promotion of development and popularization of Donbas "Gold Skif" ("Golden Scythian")
  • http://www.ard.dn.ua — Site of the public organization — Agency of regional development "Donbas"
  • http://www.vbc.dn.ua/12.htm — Donetsk city public organization "Association of Social Programs"
  • http://drca.skif.net — Donetsk regional Association of Consumers
  • http://www.rsc.dn.ua — Donetsk regional public organization "Regional Center "Spryyannya"
  • http://www.cvu.kiev.ua/donetsk/index.html — Donetsk regional department of the Committee of electors of Ukraine: history, photo Archives, current activities, projects, partners

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