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In the Donetsk region the state printed sources of mass information (SMI) are predominant in information sphere.

The general quantity of periodicals subscribed in the region equals to 1,5 million. 1,2 million (i.e.  82% of the total number of the subscription) appears to be the local regional, district, city periodicals. Taking into the account the newspapers sold as retail, the general daily sale of printed SMI in the region approaches 2 million issues, 850 thousands of them being social and political periodicals. The newspapers «Donbass», «Aktsent», «Gorod», «Zhizn», «Donetskiye Novosti», «Vechernii Donetsk», «Donetskii Kryazh» are the most popular ones, the main part of their publications touching upon the social and political problems. The only regional social and political newspaper in Ukrainian is «Donechchyna».

One of the most influential regional periodicals in spite of its moderate printed run (about 20 thousand copies) is the newspaper «Salon Dona i Basa».

Printing of newspapers of the local authority organs equals to 500 thousand copies. The official periodical of the Donetsk Regional Council and the state administration is the newspaper «Zhizn».

Since April 1999 the newspaper «Gazeta v Gazete» (402 thousand copies) is published under the aegis of the regional state administration, being a weekly supplement to all the newspapers of the local regional authority organs. The main trend of this newspaper is the detailed and systematic reflection of the situation in solving the most important social and economic problems of the region in the light of the Decrees of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers, resolutions of the Head of the regional state administration, etc.

In July 2001 the newspaper «Nash Dom» began to be published, its founders being the Donetsk city and regional councils. The events of social, political and cultural life of Donetsk are reflected on the pages of the newspaper, as well as the activities of the organs of local self-governance of the city. The newspaper has already found a lot of adherents among the readers of the city.

The events in the life of the districts of the Donetsk region are reflected by the newspapers of the districts' councils „Visti Olexandrivshchyny“»? «Zarya Pryazoviya» (Volodarsky district), «Lutch-Inform» (Amvrosievsky district), «Maryinska Nyva», «Nashe Slovo» (Volnovakhski district), «Novaya Zhizn» (Starobeshevsky district), «Novaya Nyva» (Telmanovsky district), «Rodnoye Pryazoviye» (Novoazovsky district), «Selskaya Nov» (Pershotravnevy district), «Selskii Krai» (Velykonovoselkivsky district).

The events in the towns of regional significance and the districts of the same name are reflected on the pages of local newspapers «Visti» (Sloviyansky district and the town of Sloviyansk), «Vpered» (Artemovsky district and the town of Artemivsk), «Znamya Industrii» (Kostyantynivsky district and the town of Kostyantynivka), «Znamya Pobedy», «Mayak» (Krasnoarmiisky district and the town of Krasnoarmiisk), «Novyi Shlyakh» (Dobropilsky district and the town of Dobropillya), «Yasinovatskaya gazeta» (Yasynuvatsky district and the town of Yasynuvata).

In the towns of regional significance the following newspapers are published: «Avdeevskii Vestnik», «Vestnik Makeevki», «Gornyak» (the town of Torez), «Dzerzhinskii Shakhter», «Dokutchayevets», «Druzhkovskii Rabochii», «Yenakiyevskii Rabochii», «Zorya» (the town of Krasnyi Liman), «Kochegarka» (the town of Gorlivka), «Kramatorskaya Pravda», «Makeyevskii Rabochii», «Moi Gorod» (the town of Debaltsevo), «Nasha Zorya» (the town of Selidove), «Nashi Gorizonty» (the town of Kirovske), «Priazovskii Rabochii» (the town of Mariupol), «Rodina» (the town of Khartsyzsk), «Rodnoi Gorod» (the town of Dymytrov), «Snezhnyanskaya Zhyzn», «Sovet» (the town of Slovyansk), «Tribuna» (the town of Debaltseve).

Among the business weekly the most popular are «Negotsiant» and «Delo I Pravo». Besides, the ecological newspaper «Nash Krai» is in great demand.

The problems of legal activities are reflected in the newspapers «Kriminal-Express» and «Tyurma I Volya».

The social and political, scientific and production and analytical and information periodicals, namely, the journals «Vse», «Mercurii», «Shid», «Donbass-Invest», occupy the sufficient place in the informational space of the region. Scientific and higher educational institutions publish numerous scientific journals, among which there are the following ones: «Economika Promyslovosti» (Institute of the Economics of Industry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NAS), «Economika I Pravo» (Institute of Economic and Legal Researches of the NAS of Ukraine; Donetsk National Technical University), «Economichna Kibernetika», «Prykladna Statystyka. Aktualna ta Finansova Matematyka», «Visnyk Donetskogo Natsionalnogo Universitetu», «Istorychni I Politologichni Doslidzhennya» (Donetsk National University), «Menedger» (Donetsk State Academy of Management), «Iskustvennyi Intellect» (Donetsk State Institute of Artificial Intelligence), «Bisnyk Donbaskoyi Derzhavnoyi Akademiyi Budivnytstva ta Architektury», «Visnyk Donetskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Ekonomiky I Torgovli im. M. Tugan-Baranovskogo», etc.

Professional and non-commercial public organizations have their periodicals too. Say, the Fund of Development of Civil Initiatives publishes the information periodical «Gromadske Suspilstvo», the Regional Center «Spryyannya» together with the Donetsk Youth Center of Public Organizations — the one «Oblychchyam do Oblychchya». The information bulletin «Maibutne Starykh Promyslovykh Regioniv» is published under the aegis of the Agency of Regional Development «Donbas». In June 2003 publishing of the Chronicle of the Azov — Black Sea Kozaks Troops «Kozatska Rada» was started.

In the Donetsk region there is a sufficient quantity of newspapers and journals for entertainment: «Telegid», «Telenedelya», «Panorama», «Express», «Zdorovya semiyi», «Magiya», «Zodiak», «Tselitel +», «Molodezh Donbassa», etc.

The sport newspapers «FK „Shakhter“», «Sport Arena», «Ring» are of great demand.

Recently the new literary periodicals — almanac «Kalmius» and journals «Rodomysl» and «Dikoye Pole» — came out. In 2003 publication of the newspaper «Otrazheniye», the organ of the Donetsk Department of the International Union of Writers Associations and Interregional Association of the Writers of Ukraine, was started. This year the jubilee issue of the renewed journal of the writers of Ukraine «Donbas».

In the Donetsk region the great number of advertisement periodicals are published: the journals «Vash Kompanion», «Blitz-Donbass», «Nash Dom», «Partner», «Pod Klyuch», «Srtoitelstvo I Remont», etc.; the newspapers «Salon Dona I Basa», «Allo», «Assorti», «RiO», «Reklamnaya Pravda», etc.

According to the information of the regional state administration, the organs of local authority are the founders of 11 television and radio organizations of broadcasting and 8 studios of cable broadcasting.

On March 5, 2001 three television and radio companies — TRC «Ukraine», «SKET» and «7×7», which broadcasted on the same channel, united into the one company. Gennadii Kondaurov, the Head of the TRC «Ukraine» became the Head of the Media Holding. Now the TRC «Ukraine» has the highest rating among the regional television companies, covering not only the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but sufficient part of other regions of Ukraine, owing to satellite broadcasting and cable network. The company has its own correspondents« network in Kyev, Lugansk, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, other cities. The TRC «Ukraine» broadcasts all football matches of «Shakhtar» in the framework of the Championship of Ukraine and all its international matches.

Besides the TRC «Ukraine», there are some more television companies working in the region: «The 12th Channel», a private one, which covers Donetsk and nearby towns; «The 27th Channel» working on the decimeter frequencies, created on the basis of the state television and radio company; the Donetsk state teleradiocompany «Region» broadcasting for several hours daily.

On April 26, 2003 a new television company, «Kyevskaya Rus», began its activities working on 37 decimeters channel being received in the entire territory of the region. It is created on the basis of the TRC «Astra-TB», which during the year 2002 rented one-hour time of broadcasting on «Novyi Kanal». «Kyevskaya Rus» is orientated towards social problems, namely, avoiding cruelty and violence, excess of advertisements, etc. and has 6 hours of broadcasting time daily.

Besides television channels FM radio stations are popular in the region. Their number varies. At the end of the year 2002 there were 12 of them. «Russkoye Radio» and «Shanson» have the highest rating.

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