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What is this portal necessary for?

Donechchyna Information Portal (DIP) is the virtual regional information resource of the Internet.

Since June 1, 2004 the International Renaissance Foundation has provided all the portals of the regional libraries of Ukraine with unified software for financial support. As a consequence, supplement of the given Web-resource is laid up, the renovated portal is available at the address: http://www1.availableinformation.xyz/context/index

The goal of creation of the portal is the accumulation of information resources and rendering users access to the Internet.

Information filling in of the DIP is realized by the staff of the Donetsk Regional Universal Scientific Library named after N.K. Krupska and the organizations being the participants of the project, on the basis of the agreements.

Realization of the project is held in the framework of the program of the Ministry of Culture and Art of Ukraine «Creation of regional corporative information portals and information centers on the basis of regional universal libraries (2001-2003)»

The participants of the project
  • http://www.library.donetsk.ua — Donetsk Regional Universal Scientific Library named after N. K. Krupska
  • http://www.dobiko.donetsk.ua — Donetsk Regional Board of the Ukrainian Library Association
  • http://www.iatp.org.ua — Internet Access and Training Program (IATP)







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