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Links to the topic
  • http://sovet.donbass.com — Donetsk regional council: official site
  • http://www.oda.dc.dn.ua — Donetsk regional state administration: official site
  • http://www.donoda.gov.ua — Donetsk regional state administration: state portal
  • http://www.dpa.dn.ua — State tax administration in the Donetsk region: news, Laws, reference information
  • http://www.pfu.dn.ua — Donetsk regional board of Pension Fund of Ukraine: news, information, Laws
  • http://www.stat.donetsk.ua — Donetsk regional board of statistics: a catalogue of information materials, news, statistical year-books
  • http://umvddon.ukr-info.net — Board of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs of Ukraine in the Donetsk region
  • http://www.kriminfo.ukr-info.net — «Krim-Info»: the site of the center of community connections of the BMDA of Ukraine in the Donetsk region
  • http://www.ohrana.donbass.com — Board of the state security service of the BMDA of Ukraine in the Donetsk region
  • http://www.donetsk.org.ua — Donetsk city council: information about the council and the executive committee, the city news, decisions of the city council, etc.
  • http://www.lukyanchenko.donetsk.ua — The official site of the Mayor of the city of Donetsk O.O. Lukyanchenko

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